Fast Food And Obesity Essay

Fast Food Cause Obesity Essay

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Fast Food Cause Obesity
There has been a rise in obesity in this country for the last forty years. Many scientists and doctors have begun to question whether there is any relationship between fast food and obesity. According to the available information the number of fast food restaurants has doubled since 1970s. (Currie, J et al 2009).Currie J et al (2009) observe that the rise in the obesity cases in the last one decade has been directly related to the rise in the number of people choosing fast food as their main menu. Fast food has been described as food which is prepared in hurry for people who have little time during meal times. These foods are very popular with the students and working people since they do not have enough time to…show more content…

The study found out that the rate of overweight and obesity among these children was five percent higher among those whose schools were near fast food outlets compared to those students who were attending schools in areas which were father away from the outlets which sell this type of food (Rabin, R 2009)
Research has found that those families which choose the fast food as their main meal for more than three times in one week are at a very high risk of developing obesity. In medical terms obesity has been described as a public health concern which is putting many people at risk of developing complications which may lead to early death. A person who has a body mass index of more than thirty is described as obese while those who are above twenty five but less that thirty are classified as overweight. In America two adults in every three is classified as overweight whereas one third of the people are described as obese. These are high figures given the fact that obesity leads to serious health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
The fast foods are rich in energy giving foods making them higher culprit for weight gain among those who consume this type of food. They are added excess sugars and fats to make them enticing to the consumers, these two nutrients have higher rate of calories compared to other type of food. The fact that they are sweetened and enticed with sugar and fats makes the consumer to eat in large quantities to stratify

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We have a major serious health problem. It’s called obesity. We need more fruits and vegetables. We need more proteins and vitamins, like vitamin D and C. There are evidence that say that fast food could be bad for our health. Everyone should think twice before deciding to eat fast food . when it comes to eating food that’s made within a matter of seconds. The food is not properly taken care of, which leads all the way back to where the food is originally produced. Even if it is easy to buy and cheap, the health risks outweigh the five minutes of satisfaction that fast food brings. One should carefully think before they eat fast food. However t-his essay will outline the harm of fast food.

The health risks that come from eating so much fast food are life threatening. Obesity comes from eating fast food. Fast Foods have saturated fats that can grow to become obese. Therefore, Even a small quantity of fast food contains high calories. they say that the fast food is good to eat and it is healthy . But they are not thinking what are the side effects of the fast food. People are fooled by the quantity they eat and they tend to eat more. Without knowing that they are consuming a lot of calories. Although, Fast food have many side effects, like gaining weight, diabetes .

People blame the fast food restaurants like McDonalds for the obesity that they cause by their decisions, what about a simple solution for this problem. you have to think carefully before you eat fast food; What are the side affect ? how will it affect our life; Make it better or worse, and the important thing is to exercise daily. This way has no side effects. This method depends on our thinking and responsibility . One of every five children in America is obese. Only one percent of obese individuals are obese due to glandular, genetic problems (Obesity in America). Unbalanced and unhealthy diet is the major cause of obesity, not fast food itself. The increase of weight comes from eating more calories than one may burn through exercise and other types of physical activity. It has often been blamed that fast food is one of the major causes of obesity, rather than embracing the fact that the foods are not the reasoning behind obesity.

Obesity can lead to health problems like diabetes, heart problems and various other health issues. Experts claim fast foods that are eaten twice or more in a week can cause individuals to gain as much as 10 pounds. Scientists and doctors have clearly exhibited that regular consumption of unhealthy food and reduced physical activity result in obesity In the document ” Super Size Me” spurlock meets with first graders and shows them a series of famous faces. Several of the kids struggle to identify George Washington and Jesus. In fact, they all recognize Ronald McDonald. Even though, he did an experiment in which to eat nothing but McDonalds, he begins consuming over 5,000 calories a day, he also works to cut out almost all physical activity from his daily life, he does not walk more than the average American every day. The result is very bad.

He gained 24 pounds . an filmmaker named Soso Whaley did the same experiment but with doing all the physical activities, she lost 10 pounds and her cholesterol level dropped. However, if you want to eat fast food, you have to follow a simple rules as exercising every day, skip the extra meals, and do not fall for the portion distortion. Statistics show that 75 perc-ent of teens eat fast food at least once a week. In summary, fast food is a serious health problem we face, we have to use our brains carefully as we decide to eat fast foo-d. What are the side effects? how it affect our daily life? and w-hat to eat instead of it if we are hungry. Obesity is not a cause of fast food, but it is cause of the people decision who eats it


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