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By Seth G. Macy

A petition online for a remastered version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has now surpassed 100,000 signatures.

Australian fan Ramez Zahra began the petition a week ago, saying in the petition description that he believes Modern Warfare 2 was one of Activision's best games. "Just a fun and enjoyable game," Zahra wrote.

He's not alone is his love for MW2. As of this writing, the total number of people who've signed the petition is sitting just below 110,000, putting it just 40,000 signatures short of its goal.

In our 2009 review of Modern Warfare 2, we gave the game a 9.5, saying it's one of the "best first person shooters out there."

The game initially gained notoriety for its controversial "No Russian" mission, with rumors the game was banned in Russia surfacing. Those rumors were denied by Activision.

We reached out to Activision for comment on this petition, but it's important to note that petitions of this sort pop up constantly on There's one petition to port Call of Duty: Black Ops II to Xbox One and PS4, and a petition to "let people with less than 6GB of RAM play Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC." Even if this one succeeds in getting the required signatures, it doesn't really mean anything more than "150,000 people agreed that this would be pretty cool." Which, to be fair, it would probably be.

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Despite rumors circulating among the gaming community that the infamous Call of Duty franchise will remaster arguably its most successful game, "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," there has been no official report or announcement confirming or denying it from Activision.

MW2 was released in 2009, almost a decade ago. The 10-year anniversary of the beloved game's release could be a reason for speculation that it could be remastered.

Although Activision holds the rights to the next Call of Duty game to be released (likely next year), Infinity Ward was actually the production company in charge of the original MW2.

In 2016, the COD franchise re-released a game for the first time, as it remastered the original "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" game from 2007.

Another reason for speculation is that MW2 is the only semi-modern COD game from the previous gaming console generation that has yet to become backward-compatible on the new generation game consoles, such as Xbox One.

Other COD titles, such as "Black Ops" and "Black Ops 2," have been programmed for backward-compatibility, meaning the old games for Xbox 360 can be played on Xbox One. However, this cannot be done with MW2; a possible indication the producers are saving it to be remastered in 2019.

A Call of Duty fan even created a petition asking the CEOs of Activision and Infinity Ward to remaster MW2 for current generation gaming consoles. He then shared the petition with his fellow gamers, who all signed it.

The goal of the petition was to reach 150,000 signatures.

In total, it reached 221,564 signatures before it was closed by the creator and sent to Activision and Infinity Ward.

While rumors are just rumors, Activision has yet to announce the title of the new game to be released by the COD franchise in 2019.


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