Essay Short Paragraph On Natural Disaster

Short Paragraph on Earthquakes

Any sudden movement of the earth due to a natural cause which produces a shaking is known as an earthquake. The chief cause of earthquakes is the sudden slipping of the portion of the earth’s crust past each other along fractures of faults. Another cause is volcano activity.

Minor causes of earthquake are sudden landslides, sub-marine slides and collapse of cavern roofs. The sudden shock sets up vibration in the earth and the vibrations take the form of waves within the earth. The focus of the earthquake is the place where these vibrations originate and the point on the earth’s surface which is vertically above the focus is called the epicenter. If the focus is nearer the earth’s surface the effects of the earthquake is greater. The vibrations or the tremors of the earthquake are measured by the Richter scale.

Earthquakes cause change in the earth’s surface. Sometimes in mountainous regions landslides are caused. Buildings collapse and several people are rendered homeless. Fire is another great danger. Railway lines are often bucked of twisted. Under-ground water system is naturally disturbed by earthquake.

It is a natural calamity and its effects are disastrous.

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Short Essay on 'Natural Disaster' (180 Words)

Short Essay on 'Natural Disaster' (180 Words)
Don't be scared, be prepared: Dealing with Natural Disasters.

A 'natural disaster' is a major event resulting from natural processes of the Earth. It causes a great loss of life and property. During such disasters, the number of people who are rendered, trippled and houseless is more than the number of people who loose their lives. Even the economy of the place which faces a natural disaster, gets effected.

It is true that a natural disaster is a natural process and we cannot stop it but by making certain preparations, we can reduce the magnitude of the loss to life and property. First of all we should reduce global warming which is the root cause of all the problems. We should also have insurance policies so that we could have sufficient money to rebuilt our lives after any such disaster. The scientists should invent advance warning systems. While construction we should make sure that it is strong enough to withstand earthquakes. We should educate people about evacuation during any disaster.

Hence, by taking some precautions we can cape with the natural disasters. 


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