Robin Grasby Homework Answers

Pilates for athletic conditioning improves performance in a wide variety of sports and is well suited to runners, cyclists, skiers and sports enthusiasts practicing a one-sided sport (racket sports, ultimate Frisbee, golf, baseball etc). Our Power Reformer and Power Springboard and Reformer classes condition the whole body with an emphasis on core stability. They are designed to enhance an individual’s strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and power, which can be carried over into all sports. While form is always at the forefront, the pacing tends to be more accelerated in these classes.

Here is what clients are saying:

I have tried other pilates studios and either their teachers do not seem as experienced as they are at Optimum or the studio is playing loud music and treating pilates like boot camp. At Optimum they are focused on you getting a good workout with a lot of attention to form so that you don’t get hurt and you don’t feel broken at the end of class.

– Leslie H.

As a skier with a passion for steep and “off-piste” skiing, the total body fitness that Pilates is known for has really improved my technical skiing. I’ve gained more precise turns and better symmetry between left and right turns. The core strength has given me much better upper body stability and the lower-body training has given me more power, less tightness and better stability when skiing rough snow. The Optimum trainers have been awesome!

– John O.

The Yield Lab Accelerator timeline is different than the traditional “tech” accelerator, because plants and animals need to grow. Each cohort meets for 2 days, 6 times over the course of a year. This timeline provides high-potential start-ups have substantial time to continue to run their business and take advantage of resources introduced to them during Yield Lab programming.


Each Yield Lab Portfolio Company is assigned a lead mentor, one of the Yield Lab Managing Directors, who works with the company through their time in the accelerator.  Mentorship does not stop at the conclusion of the accelerator program.  The Yield Lab maintains board observer rights and an ongoing relationship with each portfolio company to continue to ensure that they are provided with the necessary resources to adjust to changing business climates.


Global Network and Expectations:

Companies looking for Yield Lab funding and accelerator services now have three options: St. Louis, Europe, and Latin America.  Companies are welcome to apply to multiple accelerators, and the decision making processes are independent and autonomous of one another.  The decision of one accelerator will not impact the decision of the other.


In all three accelerators, the companies can expect to receive a capital investment, accelerator services, and a dedicated managing director to provide lead mentorship during the program.  Companies should also expect the Yield Lab to pursue non-voting board observer rights and warrant (options) coverage for services rendered, all negotiated.


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