Geertz Selected Essays


Preface to the 2000 Edition


Chapter 1/ Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culture

Chapter 2/ The Impact of the Concept of Culture on the Concept of Man

Chapter 3/ The Growth of Culture and the Evolution of Mind

Chapter 4/ Religion As a Cultural System

Chapter 5/ Ethos, World View, and the Analysis of Sacred Symbols

Chapter 6/ Ritual and Social Change: A Javanese Example

Chapter 7/ "Internal Conversion" in Contemporary Bali

Chapter 8/ Ideology As a Cultural System

Chapter 9/ After the Revolution: The Fate of Nationalism in the New States

Chapter 10/ The Integrative Revolution: Primordial Sentiments and Civil Politics in the New States

Chapter 11/ The Politics of Meaning

Chapter 12/ Politics Past, Politics Present: Some Notes on the Uses of Anthropology in Understanding the New States

Chapter 13/ The Cerebral Savage: On the Work of Claude Lévi-Strauss

Chapter 14/ Person, Time, and Conduct in Bali

Chapter 15/ Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight



"As an anthropologist, philosopher, political scientist, literary critic, and all-around, all-star intellectual, Clifford Geertz helped a vast public make sense of the human condition."―Robert Darnton, New York Review of Books

"The eminent cultural anthropologist.... Mr. Geertz was considered a founder of interpretive, or symbolic, anthropology. But his influence extended far beyond anthropology to many of the social sciences, and his writing had a literary flair that distinguished him from most theorists and ethnographers."―Andrew Yarrow, New York Times

"Clifford Geertz [was] an anthropologist whose imaginative studies of cultural groups from other countries changed the intellectual underpinnings of anthropology and other social sciences.... Dr. Geertz brought a distinctly literary sensibility to the study of anthropology with his sophisticated prose and vivid descriptions of social customs abroad.... Dr. Geertz's ornate, allusive accounts of other cultures came to define a new field of study called ethnography."―Washington Post

"Clifford Geertz is one of those rare scholars: the thinking person's liberal, who spurns easy banalities."―Lionel Shriver, Guardian (UK)

"Clifford Geertz was the foremost anthropologist of the past 40 years and perhaps the first of his trade to become world-famous.... His copious works first supplemented, then superseded the mighty labours of the founding fathers of the discipline."―Independent (UK)

"Clifford Geertz [was] arguably the best-known and most influential American anthropologist of the past several decades."―Richard Schweder, Common Knowledge

"One of the most articulate cultural anthropologists of this generation. Geertz has consistently attempted to clarify the meaning of 'culture' and to relate that concept to the actual behavior of individuals and groups."―Elizabeth Colson, Contemporary Sociology

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