1 Interwest Healthcare Corp Case Study

...place to ensure continuous awareness on personal wellness, disease prevention, and regular medical visits to which allow comprehensive statistical flow of medical needs (Block, 2008). These are crucial factors that can have a direct impact on the success of the reform (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). For further realization, predictability and planning are key factors. Even though such proposal might seem more of a burdensome at the start, if integrated suitably, the health care cost can be reduced in the long run (Jensen, 2004). The Current Healthcare System The current system is repositioning in the direction of a structure where the government has more control (Armoni, Rony, & Kerem, 2009). Several attempts in the past had been proposed to increase political influences on the public health care system; however at the end, these efforts were overshadowed by the dominance of insurance corporations and the surge of the healthcare enterprise. The most recent effort behind President Obama’s proposal was related to the petition concerning a reform that will provide anyone and everyone the opportunity to have access to care (Gwen, 2012). Such venture is accompanied as well by the campaign to increase the quality of health care delivery across the spectrum. It is, however, very evident that the nation’s funding and resources is being negatively affected due to continuing increase of health care costs. While the concept of the current...

Chapter 2 Case Study: Interwest Healthcare Corp 1. What are the potential sources of the problem? The potential sources of the problem that Interwest Healthcare is facing is the management’s lack of effectively communicating the importance of accurate data entry to the hospital staff. Taking the staff on a retreat to address their discrepancies in their work was clearly not the best way to effectively communicate the problem at hand. The hospital staffs’ number one priority is their patients, and they most likely don’t understand that when they input their data, the information that is received plays a vital part of generating hospital reports and ensuring compliance measures with the federal government. Unbeknownst to Mrs. Manzoni and Mr. Singh, the hospital staff could be facing certain constraints, such as time, improper training, or merely lack of motivation. 2. What information would you want to analyze? The first piece of information I would want to analyze is to run a comparative analysis on the past 2-3 data reports that were submitted to narrow down where the inaccuracies lie. By doing this, it would allow Mr. Singh to effectively explain to the hospital staff where the discrepancies are. The next


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