Reassignment Of Title New Jersey

In order to be legally considered the owner of a vehicle in the state of New Jersey, the car’s title must be in your name. This means that anytime a vehicle is bought or sold, gifted or inherited, or if the ownership changes in some other way, the title must be transferred to the new owner’s name. The process isn’t terribly complicated, but there are a few things you’ll need to know about how to transfer a car title in New Jersey.

New Jersey car buyers

Working with a dealership has some perks, and one of those is that you don’t have to worry about transferring the title to your name. The dealer will do it on your behalf. However, if you’re buying from a private seller, it’s your responsibility to transfer the title.

You’ll need to:

  • Make sure that the seller completes the back of the title accurately, and signs it. You will also need to sign it and include your driver’s license number.

  • Make sure you get a lien release from the seller.

  • Get insurance on the car.

  • Take this information as well as the money for the title transfer fee to the MVC. The transfer fee will be $60 if there is no lien. If the car is being purchased with a lien on it, the transfer fee is $85. You’ll also need to pay the applicable sales tax (the amount will very and is based on the purchase price for the car).

Common Mistakes

  • Not getting a lien release or not realizing a lien exists on a privately sold vehicle

New Jersey sellers

If you’re selling a car in New Jersey, you have additional steps that need to be completed. You must:

  • Complete the back of the title, including all pertinent information. This includes your name, the buyer’s information, the odometer reading, the date of the sale, the amount of the sale and your signature.

  • Take off your license plates. They do not transfer to the new owner and must be turned in to the MVC.

  • Provide the buyer with a lien release if the lien has been paid off.

Common Mistakes

  • Not providing a lien release

Inheriting and gifting cars in New Jersey

If you are gifting a car, or receiving one as a gift, you’ll follow the same steps as listed above. However, on the title where it asks for the purchase price, you’ll list “gift”. Note that gifted vehicles do not incur sales tax.

For an inherited vehicle, things are a little different. Moreover, the process differs depending on how you’re inheriting, your relationship with the deceased, and whether the estate was probated.

  • If you’re the surviving spouse and the title was in both names, you’ll need a copy of the death certificate, the title and an affidavit. The standard fees apply.

  • If the vehicle is going to a named heir, a surrogate’s short certificate is needed, and the current title will need to be signed by the executor. Note that if the heir is a relative, registration costs $4.50. Otherwise, it is the full amount. In all cases, the transfer fee is $60.

  • If there is no will, then the court will determine how best to dispose of all assets.

For more information about how to transfer a car title in New Jersey, visit the state’s MVC website.

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The following sections contain instructions on how to title a pre-owned (used) vehicle; registration information is also included for your convenience.  Please read all information carefully to determine which set of instructions applies to your situation.

To Title and Register a vehicle that was Pre-Owned in New Jersey

You will need the following:

  • The title properly assigned (includes seller/buyer name and address and signatures, the date of sale, purchase price, and buyer’s driver's license number)
  • A Vehicle Registration Application (Form BA-49 found only at motor vehicle agencies).
  • A Power of Attorney (POA) if applicable. 
    • A POA is needed only if someone other than the purchaser is signing the documents on behalf of the purchaser.
  • Purchaser’s actual driver's license or identification document.
    • A copy is acceptable if a POA is being used.
  • Proof of New Jersey insurance. 
  • Payment fee for titling:

      • $60 for a standard vehicle.
      • $85 for a financed vehicle with one lien.
      • $110 for a financed vehicle with two liens.
      • The MVC accepts American Express®, Visa® card, MasterCard® card, check, money order or cash.
  • Payment fee for registration; as noted above this will vary depending on the type of vehicle.  License plates are included.
  • Payment for the sales tax fee. If you need assistance with calculating the tax, please call the New Jersey Division of Taxation at 609-984-6206.
  • If the vehicle is leased/financed, then you will also need the lien holder’s information and financing statement Financing Statement/Procedure to Add a lien (Form OS/SS-85c).
  • If the purchaser is a company or business an Entity Identification Number (EIN – formerly corpcode) add link to new EIN page and a Federal Tax ID number are needed.

To Title and Register a vehicle that was Pre-Owned in a state that issues titles

You will need all of the items (10 total) listed in the previous section, plus the following:

  • Dealer reassignment documentation, if applicable.
  • A purchase order if there is no New Jersey Dealer Tax Stamp on the assigned title.
  • Completed Application for Certificate of Ownership (Form OS/SS-7) 

To Title and Register a vehicle that was Pre-Owned in a state that does not issue titles

You will need all of the items listed in the first section (10 total), plus the following:

  • A pencil tracing or a printed-out photograph of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
    • A notarized statement from the seller that must include all of the following information about the vehicle: year manufactured; make; VIN; and price of purchase.
  • The last registration card that the seller has for the vehicle showing that the vehicle was registered and owned by the seller.
  • Completed Application for Certificate of Ownership (Form OS/SS-7). 

 To Title and Register a vehicle that was Pre-Owned and purchased at an auction

You will need all of the item listed in the first section (10 total), plus the following:

  • The current title with a sales tax stamp, if sales tax has already been paid.
  • If vehicle is non-titled, the last previously issued registration document and the bill of sale.
  • An additional Power of Attorney (POA) issued to the auction-house from the dealer.
  • Dealer reassignment documentation, if applicable.
  • A purchase order if there is no New Jersey Dealer Tax Stamp on the assigned title.


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