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Forest Avenue High School Collection

Overview of the Collection

Accession No.:MA83-13
Repository: Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201
Creator:Dallas Independent School District (DISD)
Title:Forest Avenue High School Collection
Language: The records are in English.

Background Information

In 1914 the president of the Dallas Board of Education, J. M. McCormick, recommended two new high schools, east and west of the Trinity River, be built in order to serve the expanding needs of Dallas students. Two years later Oak Cliff High School and Forest Avenue High School were ready for classes. Located at 3000 Forest Avenue, the new school opened for classes September 21, 1916. The new Oak Cliff High School also opened that Fall. The first graduating class of Forest Avenue, the "Class of 1917" numbered sixty; Oak Cliff numbered thirty-two.

Dallas, like most American cities, had a segregated school system until 1965. In 1956 the population in Dallas shifted and Forest Avenue area became increasingly black. The need for another "black" school and the decreasing enrollment at Forest High gave rise to the decision to change the school from a "white" school to a "negro" school. The change was relatively smooth considering the era. A formal request by Forest High Alumni was reported June 22, 1956 by the Dallas Times Herald, which asked that the name, colors, and emblems be changed and reserved for a "white" school. The name was officially changed to James Madison High School in 1956. This is representative of the segregation issues of the 1950's and 1960's.

The street name was changed from Forest Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. January 1981. The building is still used as a high school retaining the name James Madison High School, with current address 3000 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

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Scope and Contents

The two major portions of this collection are publications and trophies. The remaining materials are memorabilia such as ribbons and report cards. The senior publications and annuals provide an interesting look at high school life, interests and views on current events as well as names of Forest High students. During World War II the students had a memorial to alumni who fought and died. The photographs used in this display are contained in Box 9. The annuals have been removed, cataloged (373.76428 F717), and placed with other Dallas area high school yearbooks within the Dallas collection. The collection includes annuals for 1917-1931; 1933-1935; 1937-1942 and 1944-1954.

The Forest High Alumni Association are actively seeking materials to add to this collection. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact the Archivist, Dallas Public Library, Dallas History and Archives Division.

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MA84-8 Dal-Tech High School Collection

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This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.


Dallas Independent School District

Forest Avenue High School


Dallas (Tex.)


High Schools -- Texas -- Dallas


Forest Avenue High School

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

MA83-13 Forest Avenue High School Collection, Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Processing Information

Processed by Cindy C. Smolovik, Archivist

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Flat Storage Items
11Commencement Programs- Jan. 23, 1941 May 28, 1944 June 3, 1944 June 3, 1954 June 4, 1953 June 2, 1955 May 31, 1956
1Graduate Announcement 1944, Monroe Mirsky
2Production Programs -"Hook Line Sinker" Dec. 18, 1942 “Laughing Gas" -May 14, 1943 "Ride ‘em Cowboy" -Jan. 12, 1940
3Forest Echo – Newspaper-Nov. 3, 1936 Jan. 12, 1955 March 9, 1955; Clippings – Cadet Major Oliver Fudge
4Dedication program and letter, Memorial Hall, 1945
Report Cards, Monroe Mirsky, 1941-1945
Military Certificates (R.O.T.C.)
Monroe Mirsky, 1939-1944
Senior Class of 44 - Ribbons with Linz Award Pin Attached
Senior Publications
3The Forester - Oct. 1917 Dec. 1917 April 1918 Christmas (Dec) 1918 Feb. 1919 May 1919 Jan. 1920 Oct. 1920 Dec. 1920 Jan. 1921 Feb. 1921 March 1921 April 1921 Nov. 1921 Dec. 1921 Jan. 1922 Feb. 1922 March 1922 April 1922 May 1922 Nov. 1922 – 2 copies Dec. 1922 Jan. 1923 - 2 copies March 1923 – 2 copies April 1923 – 2 copies May 1923 Nov. 1923 Dec. 1923 Feb. 1924
Senior Racket - June 1929
Senior Star - January, Class 1933 - 2 copies
4The Forester, 1921-1922
5The Forester, 1922-1924
6Forest Echo, 1927-1929
7Forest Echo, 1929-1930
8Forest Echo, April 1927 May 1927 Military Issue 1927 Feb 1928 May 1928 Nov. 1928 Jan. 1929 Oct. 1929, - 2 copies Dec. 1929, - 3 copies Feb. 1930, - 3 copies April 1930, - 2 copies May 1930, - 2 copies
The Target - June 1930
The Last Laugh - June 1930
The Broadcaster - January 1931
Senior Searchlight- June 1931
Senior Leaves - June 1932
Alumni who died during WWII
91S/Sgt. Stanley Bernard Angrist May 26, 1915 - August 6, 1944
2Lt. Clyde W. Apple May 31, 1919 - December 30, 1943
3Lt. Jack Ballas July 22, 1921 - March 21, 1944
41st. Sgt. Milton Barshop August 20, 1920 - February 22, 1944
5Pvt. Paul Rex Bassinger July 21, 1917 - June 10, 1942
6Major Arthur Berwald September 12, 1914 - August 15, 1943
7Cpl. William A. Brown December 6, 1924 - May 23, 1945
8Capt. William A. Brown November 9, 1920 - March 24, 1945
9James Edward Bratcher November 20, 1918 - February 1, 1945
10Sgt. Clyde Henry Burgess May 22, 1917 - October 17, 1943
11Albert D. Burford February 17, 1924 - April 16, 1943
12S/Sgt. Leon Arthur Byers February 1, 1925 - July 5, 1944
13Cpl. Brazil A. Calcagno October 3, 1919 - February 24, 1945
14Pfc. David A. Camp August 24, 1925 - February 8, 1945
15Sgt. Roy Campbell July 12, 1921 - February 19, 1945
16Billy J. Christian December 19, 1926 - July 21, 1944
17Pfc. Victor Clesi, Jr. August 8, 1924 - March 14, 1945
18Capt. Jack G. W. Cooper April 13, 1917 - June 1944
19Sgt. Richard M. Cooper February 10, 1921 - March 20, 1944
20Don Cortimilia October 1, 1925 - February 16, 1945
21Lt. James L. (Sam) Danner September 22, 1919 - February 18, 1944
22James M. (Jimmie) Duncan, Jr. July 4, 1925 - March 28, 1944
23Pvt. James K. (Jimmie) Edwards July 9, 1925 - April 28, 1944
24Lt. Solon Edgar Ellis, Jr. October 14, 1921 - September 11, 1943
25S/Sgt. Johnnie D. Ezell, Jr. April 16, 1925 - June 22, 1945
261st Lt. Edward I. Finneburgh October 25, 1915 - September 8, 1943
27Joe Bob Floyd January 12, 1922 - June 17, 1945
28Pfc. George Firor November 13, 1923 - December 21, 1944
29Lt. Ernest William Genthner November 17, 1923 - March 15, 1945
30Bill E. Gillespie March 24, 1922 - December 14, 1944
31Lt. S. Tome Gillespie December 20, 1920 - October 17, 1942
32Pfc. Paul E. Goff January 28, 1925 - October 10, 1944
33S./Sgt. Charles E. Graham May 18, 1908 - February 22, 1944
341st. Lt. Isadore L. Gruber November 13, 1915 - ?
35T/Sgt. James W. Hall, Jr. January 9, 1925 - June 10, 1944
36Lonnie Moss Hartson February 1, 1923 - December 7, 1941
37Lt. Wesley E. Hendrix August 28, 1921 - May 7, 1944
38Leslie E. Howell March 23, 1925 - January 17, 1945
40Sgt. Charles Richard Jannasch, Jr. December 2, 1904 - January 13, 1944
41S/Sgt. Carl B. Johnston [N.D.] - August 3, 1943
42Alfred M. Jones March 17, 1921 - March 21, 1945
43Sgt. Erwin C. Kieke, Jr. May 27, 1922 - December 7, 1944
44Sam W. King October 26, 1921 - January 1945
45Marlin Ray Lawton August 18, 1922 - ?
46George Brice Littlepage December 27, 1922 - August 20, 1942
47Pvt. Charlie Lee McAnally September 2, 1923 - June 19, 1944
48Michael R. Malloy July 10, 1922 - June 28, 1943
49Lt. Billy Joe McNally May 9, 1924 - August 16, 1943
50Lt. Wm. Clyde Mercer January 21, 1922 - February 26, 1945
511st Lt. Jack Miller April 2, 1920 - December 4, 1942
52Lt. Roger DeCoverly Moore, U.S.N.R. September 15, 1918 - February 23, 1945
53Cpl. John J. O'Riley April 2, 1924 - February 26, 1945
54Sgt. Ernest H. Parrett October 13, 1924 - April 20, 1945
55S / Sgt. Leon W. Perry February 9, 1917 - ?
56Sgt. Raymond L. Price January 9, 1927 - October 31, 1946
571st Lt. Thomas Linwood Priest September 15, 1923 - July 11, 1944
58Lt. Bass Redd April 28, 1911 - December 11, 1944
592nd Lt. James T. Roberts February 6, 1921 - April 8, 1944
60John Randolph Samford February 9, 1924 - June 26, 1945
61Lt. Harris Shelton September 13, 1914 - November 3, 1944
62Pfc. Earl Ray Skiles June 17, 1926 - May 15, 1944
63Raymond Snaga March 3, 1911 - November 23, 1942
64Pfc. Frank A. Stacks February 13, 1924 - November 7, 1943
65Lt. Dudley M. Steele, Jr. October 21, 1918 - September 20, 1942
66Lt. Robert B. Stricklin June 4, 1916 - July 15, 1944
67S / Sgt. Joe Terranella September 18, 1909 - July 13, 1944
68Robert Harry Thomason June 22, 1917 - March 8, 1942
69Sgt. Tyra Thornell January 27, 1922 - July 25, 1943
70Flight Officer Alex Tuttle January 20, 1924 - November 30, 1944
71Lt. Albert E. Weinberg January 21, 1920 - April 10, 1943
72David Weinstein March 4, 1909 - September 25, 1943
73Sgt. H. Doyle Wheeler July 13, 1922 - November 25, 1945
74W. T. Whitaker, Jr. October 14, 1921 - December 20, 1943
75Earl Douglas Williams October 9, 1921 - February 13, 1945
76W. Denman Winsor March 2, 1917 - January 10, 1943
77Class Photos 1923;1928
Programs, etc.
101Bibliography of Texas Books - History Club, November 1932
2Historical Documents, Letters, etc. Concerning Texas – presented to FAHS
3Houston: “The Greatest Comeback in American History” Original work by John Trotwood Moore, copied by Permission by the Art Department, 1932
4Bill 575 – on the Texas Flag History Class, 1933
111Class of 1932 – 1933 (Jan.) “Texas in the Early 1930s”
2Anthology Poetry Society - 1933
3Booklet presented to FAHS for the Texas Library – English class De Soto grammar school – March 17, 1933
4Semi - Annual Commencement Programs -June 1937; June 1938; Jan. 1939; Jan. 1940; May 1940; Jan. 1941; May 1941; Jan. 1942; May 1942; Jan. 1943; June 1949; Jan. 1950; Jan. 1951; Jan. 1952; May 1952; Jan. 1953; June 1953
5Texas Week Program, 1935
6Eiland, Kathleen, The Texas Program Book Austin: The Steck Co., 1934
71974 Guestbook - Texas Week
8Letters - Silver Jubilee in Honor of Wylie A. Parker
12Pressed Bluebonnet - 1931-1932
13 1917, 1919, 1920, 1921
14 1923, 1924, 1926, 1927
15 1928, 1929, 1935, 1937, 1948
15a 1955, 1956
Scrapbooks and Ephemera
17Scrapbooks; paper "FAHS" pennant
19Gym class bloomers and football helmet; 1990 Reunion scrapbook; City of Dallas, Special Recognition Certificate, 1990; Forest Lions pennant
201990 Diamond Jubilee Program & Distinguished Alumni Biographies 1994 All School Reunion
21Scrapbook, 1936-1940
1a1Forester Contest 20 June Class '21
2Won By Forest HI. 1920 Forest HI 1921 Forest HI 1922
3Dallas Journal Trophy Girls Tennis Doubles -won by- Forest Avenue High School - 1923
4Cullum & Boren Trophy North Texas Interscholastic Conference Field & Track winners Forest High 1922
5Cullum & Boren Co. Girls Singles -winners- Forest HI. 1923
6Given to IVB 1923-24 by the IB a class in Recognition of Local Support to the Forester
7Huey & Philip Trophy City Champions Football 1924 Triple Tie 1925 Won by Forest HI. A. J. Loos Coach
8Girls Inter-State Debate Held at Newcomb College April 12, 1924 won by Evelyn B. Oppenheimer Goldina McFarland of Forest Avenue High School - Dallas, Texas
2a1Times Herald Trophy Football Championship Fifth District 1925 Won by Forest High School
2Times Herald Trophy City Football Championship won by Forest High School, 1925
3a1Majestic Theatre Basketball Trophy High School Championship Won by Forest High School, 1925
2Huey and Philip Trophy Won by Forest Ave HI. 1925 CHY Champions
4a1Southwestern Relay Carnival Rice Field March 28, 1925 High School Section One Mile Relay Championship
2The Dallas Journal JR. Award Texas State Fair 1925 Forest Avenue High School
3The Rift Cup Mr. Cain's IB. Algebra Henry Klepak Director June 1927
4Forest High School Second Team Basketball City Champs 1927-28
5Forest High School Basketball City Champs 1927-28
6Presented by Greater Palace Theatre and Linz Bro's to Forest Avenue High School City Football Champion Dallas - 1929
5a1Presented by Linz Bros.Jewelers to the Pan American League April 11th 1929 For the Best Program Woodrow Wilson High School 4. 11. 29 Forest Avenue High School 4. 10. 30 North Dallas High School 4. 9. 31
2Sunset High School 1. 14. 32 Forest Avenue High School 4. 13. 33
6a1Everts Award for Best Attendance Senior HI Y Forest HI Fall 1929 North Dallas HI Spring 1930 North Dallas HI Fall 1930 Sunset HI Spring 1931 Forest HI Fall 1931 Technical HI Spring 1932 Forest ST HI Fall 1932
2LINZ (Efficiency Award) won by Technical HI-Y Spring-1933 Forest HI Fall 1933
3LINZ (Efficiency Award) Won by Technical HI-Y Spring-1933 Forest HI Fall 1933
4[Trophy Base] C. Redd W. H. Keeling, Coach P. Schreiber E.Duckworth Q.Goss
5Presented by Hon R. Cantu Lara Consul of Mexico Dallas-April 11th 1929 to the Pan American League for the Best Attendance Forest Avenue High School - April 11, 1929 Highland Park High School - April 10, 1930 Forest High School - April 14, 1932
6North Dallas Award Latin Tournament North Texas Fourth Year Won by Forest Avenue 1934
7North Dallas 1935 Highland Park 1936 North Dallas 1937 Highland Park 1939 Sunset 1941 Forest Avenue 1942
8Majestic Theatre Basketball Trophy High School Second Championship Won by Forest High School
9Oklahoma Relays High School 880 Relay won by
7a1Mexico Day Oct. 17th 1942 Ticket Selling Campaign Forest Ave High School
8a1American Legion Jr. Baseball Trophy Presented by Dallas Ford Dealers Mountain Creek Post No. 345 Forest Avenue High School Lions
9a1The Times Herald Trophy City CO-Champions 1947 Forest


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