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Managerial Economics & Decision Making Process


Managerial Economics & Decision Making Process


A business uses various economic theories, concepts, logics and tools for making an appropriate decision. These theories and concepts are included in the managerial economics, which is a branch of economics. These various economic theories and concepts are used or applied in the analysis of the various business problems and opportunities. The analysis helps to arrive at an appropriate decision for the management of the organization. A business is operated by integrating various economic theories with their respective practices. To make a decision for the new project or any other task related to the business, is an important step for the management. In the decision making process, the management selects one best alternative among various alternatives. The various problems regarding the production, sales are analyzed in the managerial economics (Baumol & Blinder, 2005).

Current Trends in Auto Industry

In the current environment, the demand for the automobiles is increasing continuously that marks a good position in the growing automobile industry. The total growth rate for the demand is 5% in the global auto market. The growth rate in the global auto market also varies from region to region that is, the demand is stronger in some region than the global auto market (Automotive, 2009). The current environment of the automotive industry includes the activities that help to expand the business. Many organizations are involving in the merger and acquisition activities by the small car and car parts manufacturers. It is because the change in the preference of the people. The large car manufacturers are providing financial facility to the customers that are also a reason for the change in the consumer's demand. It is helping the large manufacturers to expand in the global market.

Analysis of Demand in Auto Market

The demand analysis for the automotive industry includes various economic factors that can affect the business environment of the industry. This analysis helps to determine the actual demand for the automobiles in the market. The trend in the various economic factors like employment situation, prices, production, saving and investment are the main factors that are directly related to the behavior of the customers. These economic factors also cause for a change in the demand of the customer, regarding the product and service. The prices of oil are increasing, that is causing an increase in the oil efficient cars and electrical cars. It also has resulted in the production of new and innovative models of cars, to meet with the requirements of the current environment. The new and innovative car models are more fuel efficient which further increases the demand from the customers. The production of Hybrid and...

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Decision Making Process Essay

688 words - 3 pages Individuals at all levels of management make decisions. The type of decision made is dependant on the specific role or level of status a manager holds within an organisation. Top managers such as CEO's make broad executive type decisions that largely focus on setting organisational goals and the general direction they want the organisation to head, - affecting the entire organisation. Lower and middle managers or supervisors and bosses make...

Decision Making Process Essay

761 words - 3 pages Earlier we discussed all types of subject matter of ethical behavior in an organization. Remember we discussed how the owner of the company set their own code of ethical conduct for their organization. Knowing the companies values and goals can help a leader or a team to come up with a plan to make a great decision if a problem arises. Sometime in life everyone...

Consumer Decision Making-Process

1327 words - 5 pages Challenged with competing products, companies are finding it more important to understand why a consumer would choose one product over another. To do this, the company needs to recognize the complex decision-making process a consumer goes through. The variety of products is always expanding, but with the consumers' limited temporal and cognitive resources, they cannot simply analyze all the products.Making rational choices does not only...

Decision Making Techniques in Managerial Accounting

1099 words - 4 pages Managerial accounting comprises all the financial information needed to help managers make educated decisions and do their job duties efficiently. A typical manager’s responsibilities with managerial accounting include interpreting finance reports and projections and using those to make financial decisions that will affect the company. Since managers have to make routine decisions and finalize reports periodically, it is vital that they are...

Decision Making and Planning Process

1195 words - 5 pages Running head: Decision Making and Planning ProcessDecision Making and Planning ProcessAndrea JonesUniversity of PhoenixDecision Making and Planning ProcessDecision making and planning are a critical processes in any organization. Decision making is the foundation of planning. All organizations engage in planning activities, but no two organizations plan in exactly the same manner. The purpose of strategic...

Consumer Behaviour: Decision Making Process.

879 words - 4 pages Challenged with competing products, companies are finding it more important to understand why a consumer would choose one product over another. To do this, the company needs to recognise the complex decision making process a consumer goes through. The variety of products is always expanding, but with the consumers' limited temporal and cognitive resources, they...

8 Steps Decision Making Process

1815 words - 7 pages Managerial Decision Making1.Define the situationWe are the management team of an Australian branch of a large pharmaceutical company that has large offices based in Europe and North America.In Australia we have a small team of about 40 people.We have three major departments in our organization the marketing team, the finance team and the customer service team.It has become apparent to us in the last year that there seems...

Interpersonal Process: Decision Making in Organizations

889 words - 4 pages Interpersonal Process: Decision Making in OrganizationsThe crucial part of any organization is making good decisions in the various contexts. To reach good decisions, they need reliable information, experience in interpreting information, and reaching a consensus. However, this process of decision-making remains incomplete without the consultation process as the view and expertise of other people in an organization can...

Decision making process of consumer behaviour.

3492 words - 14 pages Decision making is a focal interest in consumer-behavior research; consumers constantly make decisions about the selection, consumption, and disposal of products. Many of the most important decisions consumers face involve making difficult trade-offs such as price versus safety in purchasing an automobile, quality of life versus longevity in some health care choices, or risk versus return in selecting investments for a child's educational...

End-of-life Decision-making Process

877 words - 4 pages Nurses provide guidance and address the problems in the end-of-life decision-making process. It is the nurse’s role to explain to families and other healthcare professionals when an advance directive would be put to use. An advance directive serves as a guide for clinicians to respect and honor the autonomous decision of the patient when they are in a position to not be able to express their wishes (Roux & Halstead, 2009). Nurses could assist in...

Business Performance Management: Decision Making Process

1348 words - 5 pages Describe how the system of the case study could support each of the decision-making phases of intelligence, design, and choice for the decision-makers. Explain the phase. Explain how the KBS supports or could support the phase for this case. Simon’s decision making process consists of 3 phases which are Intelligence, Design and Choice. These phases can be used to simplify the assumptions, validate the models which are being used in the...

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