Cpc Case Study Test

1. What you need to know about the LGV case studies

The case studies are designed to test your knowledge (basic recall of facts), comprehension (basic understanding) or application (practical use of knowledge and understanding).

This is done by creating a scenario or a set of circumstances that you may encounter in your working life as a professional driver. You will then be asked a number of questions, relating to this scenario, which will require you to consider how you would behave / react in each case.

The material in our learning section will prepare you for these tests and we have 60 case studies for you to practice on.

2. What’s covered in the LGV CPC Module 2 test?

With Driving Theory 4 All you can learn and test yourself on:

  • Optimising Fuel Consumption
  • Vehicle Loading Safety Rules
  • The Social Environment Of Road Transport
  • The Regulations Governing Carriage of Goods
  • The Risks of the Road and Accidents at Work
  • The Importance of Physical and Mental Ability
  • The Ability To Assess Emergency Situations
  • Adopting Behaviour To Enhance Your Company’s Image
  • The Environment and Organisation of Road Haulage

3. How much is the LGV Driver CPC Module 2 theory test?

The case studies test is cheaper than the part 1 theory test. The theory test will cost you £23 and can be booked with the DVSA on the GOV.UK website.

Case Study Questions for the

Are you ready for the NEW style Theory Test?

Since 28th September 2009 you need to answer a case study-style question as part of your Theory Test.

Make sure you use the latest training material.

Looking for the Official questions for the Theory Test?
Check out our FREE Theory Test Samples

In your Theory Test you will be presented with one case study where you will be required to answer 5 questions that are related to the scenario displayed on screen.
Each question will still be in the multiple choice format as with the other Theory Test questions.
You will still need to answer 50 multiple choice questions that are broken down as follows: -
45 multiple choice questions
5 multiple choice questions that relate to the case study

The pass mark remains at 43/50.

An example of the type of case study questions are shown below.

There is nothing to be worried about providing you know all the current questions in the 'Official DVSA Theory Test' question bank.

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