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Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet

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Thesis Statement and Informal Outline Worksheet 

In this course, you will write a 1,050- to 1,400-word comprehensie !ontinuin" #cademic Success essay, due in Week 5$ The Week 5 essay will help you apply what you learned in this course and take responsi%ility for your success in your education and your career$ &lease reiew the re'uirements for the Week 5 assi"nment to %ecome familiar with the instructions$ Startin" this week, and in the weeks to come, we will %e %uildin" upon an outline with a thesis statement, su%topics, and research to assist in your final paper$(or this week, usin" the !enter for Writin" )*cellence resources, proide your thesis statement and %e"increatin" the informal outline for your !ontinuin" #cademic Success essay assi"nment$ Include the followin" in your outline this week+

The %enefit of creatin" educational "oals, includin" at least one educational "oal you set for yourself 

our personal learnin" style, as well as how knowin" your learnin" style can help you %e successful as you moe throu"h your pro"ram and career 

ow the writin" process can help you adance your education and career 

Which resources, inside and outside of the uniersity, you can use to help you reach your "oals and make you more successful

 #n e*planation of the importance of academic inte"rity

Thesis Statement

This is a one-sentence summary of your Week 5 paper that will %e %ased on the %ulleted items a%oe$Settin" and pursuin" educational "oals, demonstration of deeloped writin" skills will si"nificantly improe daily and professional life, een thou"h it re'uires hard personal efforts and maintenance of academic inte"rity in the uniersity. analysis of the personal learnin" style in com%ination with useful knowled"e resources will %rin" academic and personal success$

Informal Outline

)ach topic %elow should %e a main idea for a para"raph that mi"ht %e in your Week 5 assi"nment /see %ulleted items a%oe$ )ach support point should %e somethin" that you plan to write a%out that relates tothe correspondin" topic$1$Topic 1$ The %enefit of creatin" educational "oals, includin" at least one educational "oal you set for yourself a$


+ (irstly, creatin" an educational "oal, or any "oal, ties people to its completion$ In my point of iew, maority of indiiduals tend to feel o%li"ed when they set "oals$ oweer, it is hi"hly important to hae them well-written so that a student can or"ani2e his efforts to accomplish them correctly and do the ealuation after$ #s fa as I am concerned, when I oined the course a%out academic success in the 3niersity of &hoeni*, one of my education "oals was to improe writin" skills to the de"ree that I will not hae pro%lems with the writin" academic papers$%$


+ Secondly, settin" "oals is undou%tedly useful not only for academic success, %ut in daily life as well$ #dult people are often %usy with their o%s, home duties, children and personal affairs$ It is often occurred they hae a mess with a list of %usinesses to do and can not mana"e time properly to complete eerythin" needed on time$ The solution

This Essay Was Written About My Grandfather, For The "Stories My Grandparents Told Me" Essay Contest

My grandfather is a schmuck. Yet to him, that insult is doubly offensive, because he is also anti-Semitic. He tried to stop my father, who was raised Catholic, from marrying my mother, who was raised Jewish. He recently divorced my grandmother, after 58 years of marriage. My grandfather has told me many stories, most of which were either exaggerations for the more boring ones or altogether facetious, but always mind-numbingly dull. In fact, I have fallen asleep on the telephone with him before, only to wake up to his snarling, growling voice reprimanding my ear. He also repeats stories many times, because his memory is equivalent to that of a mosquito. I have to thank him three times for any gift, which is always money, because if I don't, he forgets and refuses to send a $20 check for the next occasion.

However, there is one story my grandfather tells, which exemplifies him and really holds a dear place in my heart. It was the summer of 1941. My grandfather was 18, and had just been drafted into World War II. The Nazis had invaded much of Western Europe, though my grandfather didn't really care, because they were "Goddamn hippie Jews" anyway. He promptly went to training camp, where he was lauded by all of the lieutenants as a future general. He set national records on the ropes courses, and still had time to help out in the mess hall, with all of the "negroes". He was in peak physical shape; a potent weapon ready to be released on the Furher and his armies.

But as in all good stories, there is a villain, and in this story, this universal figure took the form of the 300-lb, 7' man-nurse who performed a final physical on the troops before they were sent to Europe. Every other member of my grandfather's infantry passed with flying colors, every single one, but him. He had an undiagnosed heart disorder, one which legally kept him from being sent to war. He begged the man-nurse, pleaded for weeks, but the hulk of a man would not budge. He could not, knowingly, send an ill...

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