Gcse Catering Afternoon Tea Coursework

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1 GCSE Catering: Task 1 Example of coursework
GCSE Catering Coursework Task 1LRB 2012

2 Planning (10 marks) Total 5 A4 Pages
Introduction - introduce task (1/4 page)Research - What is Afternoon Tea? (1 3/4 pages)Menu Choices - List and justification (1 page)Time plan - Plan of practical work (1 1/2 pages)Shopping list - In a table (1/4 page)Equipment list - In a table (1/4 page)Total 5 A4 Pages

3 Carrying out the task (20 marks)
Marked on:Chosen equipment (evidence equipment list)Ability to demonstrate a range of skills and processes (evidence justification and time plan)Logical sequence (time plan)Completed within allotted time (evaluation)Good outcomes (images and evaluation)Excellent presentation (images and evaluation)This will be evidenced by 1 page of images and 1-2 pages of evaluation.

4 Evaluation should be between 1 and 2 A4 pages
Evaluation (10 marks)Suitability of dishes chosenManagement of timeCustomer acceptabilitySize and portion controlChanges I would make and why?Costing (refer to but attach main costings in appendix)Evaluation should be between 1 and 2 A4 pages

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