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452 words sample essay on the craze of Fashion. Fashion is fast changing in modern society. With the spread of media, expansion of fashion industry and growing prosperity during the last few years have caused a boom in fashion industry.

There may be fashion in hairstyle, clothes, ornaments, food and drink, amusement and manners. Fashion changes every day. It is difficult to keep pace with fashion. There is a craze in the youth to follow the fashion trends. Fashion reflects change and variety.

Human being has an urge for change. Change adds spice and flavor to life. It is an important cause of fashion craze. Nobody likes the conventional, outdated things. By following the latest trends in fashion the youth try to show that they are novel and charming. Fashions have been a major cause of the progress of civilization. In fact, fashions and prosperity have close relations. Where there are progress and prosperity there are fashions. Urban society is more fashion conscious than its rural counterpart. Fashions are contagious. When people meet with one another, their contact with one another brings into vogue fashions and styles. Young men and women attending offices, educational institutions, etc. imitate fashions easily.

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T.V., films and other mass media have been the biggest carriers of fashion. What people see in their favorite actors and actress they copy their hairstyle, dress, ornaments and mannerism. They love the latest arts and designs and run after them. There is no harm in following the trends of changing fashion. But the pursuit of fashion is a costly affair. It is difficult for middle class to follow the fashion. Only the wealthy people can afford to keep pace with the changing fashions which change overnight. There are fashion shows and ramp shows which contribute to popularization of fashions.

Most of the fashions are imported to India from various other big centers of fashion like Rome, Berlin, London, Paris, Hollywood, and Tokyo, New York. Blind imitation of western culture has adversely affected the Indian values and cultures. The youth very often are misled due to fashion and fall prey to bad habits. Sometimes when they find it difficult to follow the trends they resort to unfair means to fulfill their urge for fashions. Many fashion conscious students spend a great deal of their valuable time and money in viewing latest fashion. They do so at the cost of their studies. This is an unhealthy trend. It should be avoided.

Fashion is not bad unless and until it is in limit. When fashion becomes obsession, it becomes a cause of concern. No aware and sensible man will call fashion crazy man good. Fashion should always be guided by our values and cultures.

We should be moderate in following the trends of fashion.

In our society, there are many issues that affect teens. Fashion is something that teens use to fit in which makes them struggle in their everyday life.

Teens find brands to be something that will make them look “classy” as many teens say today at school. Teisha-Vonique Hood from SMU stated that when people associate themselves with a particular brand or branded image, they immediately assume a new identity that is in some sense, confined to the societal points of that brand. They classify themselves through the brands they wear and it makes them feel like they fit in. There is always that new shirt or those new jeans or just some new trend that happens to begin. Teens may feel like if they don’t have the latest brands, they aren’t worthy or not able to fit in and be themselves.

Also, teens find themselves to be a little under-confident or intimidated by other people in their school. Ehow contributor, Ashton Pittman said that many teens pick up on fashion trends in an effort to stave off humiliation and mocking from peers. The majority of teens in high school have a fear of getting bullied or excluded. They use fashion to hide their fear and to feel more confident on who they are, or who they are trying to be.

Their attitude towards fashion and the way society shows it to be can change a lot of teens’ opinions. Stated in SMU study, as a result of this need for peer acceptance, teenagers are receptive to characteristics such as character, personality, etc. Since a lot of teens try to find their identity through high school and fashion, it can ultimately change not only their personality, but their character towards other people and family. Tying into this, celebrities are a big impact on teen fashion. Ashton Pittman also states that often, fashion for teenagers is the result of the desire to be like a celebrity. Teens look at celebrities and say “Oh well if they can wear that, then why can’t I” and most of the time they end up giving the wrong idea to their friends and people around them.

Have you ever tried to dress some way so that others accept you? A lot of teens don’t realize that this is an issue on their everyday life because they are so caught up with trying to fit in. Just because other teens have the latest brand and you don’t, doesn’t mean that you aren’t unique.


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